Internet Marketing

"Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute."

It is extremely important to have a user-friendly, easy to navigate, well designed website. But, what good does it do you or your business to have a website that no one sees, that doesn’t bring you new business? Having a website without properly marketing it is the equivalent to having a storefront in a basement; potential customers don’t know you exist! We are a Charlotte Marketing Company but we offer so much more. This is where a well-executed internet marketing plan comes into play.

There are many elements that contribute to a successful internet marketing plan. Take a look at some of these elements below.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines such as Google  ‘crawl’ websites looking for content then they categorize and rank websites based on keywords and website content. When a potential customer performs a search for specific keywords or phrases the websites with the highest relevance are retrieved.  This is why it’s extremely important to have well written, SEO friendly content throughout your website.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.  If you have ever wondered how companies ad’s are listed on other websites or search engines, this is how. There are two different type of PPC (pay per click) ads: Bid Based and Flat Rate. Bid Based PPC involves setting a maximum amount you are willing to bid in an auction for an advertisement space. The winner’s website is listed in the advertisement section. Flat Rate PPC is an ad model in which you pay websites a set fee each time a user clicks your advertisement on their page.


Internet marketing is ever-changing and is not an exact science and varies by individual businesses; it takes patience, time and some trial & error. The best way to run a successful internet marketing campaign is to collect traffic data, analyze that data and make updates and adjust the campaign to suit the needs of you visitors.


If you focus solely on link building and PPC ad’s you’ll be missing a large piece of the internet marketing pie. Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of driving traffic to a website. Important content includes; SEO copy-writing, blog posts, images and videos.


Social media users account for a large (and still growing) segment of the Internet today. Having an established social presence in the various top social media channels is extremely important. In addition to increased web exposure, social media is the catalyst that allows business to engage and foster relationships with their customers.


  • Analysis – Look at the competition to see what has and hasn’t worked for them in the past in regards to internet marketing.
  • Keyword Research – Research and select relevant keywords for your campaign that will drive the highest search volume to your website.
  • Content Optimization – Check all on-page content to make sure it matches the keywords being targeted without exceeding keyword density.
  • Meta Tag Optimization – Update the meta tag data to match the keywords you are targeting.
  • Title Optimization – Update title tags and headers to match the keywords you are targeting.


  • Social Media Marketing – Exposing your company on various social networks.
  • Content Writing – Adding relevant keyword rich content so that users will visit your site organically.
  • Link Building – Effectively link build according to Google’s algorithm.
  • PPC Campaigns – Gain immediate exposure while waiting for Google to rank your website.
  • Blog Writing – Unique and keyword rich content within your website is one of the best things you can do to increase your rankings.
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